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For nearly a decade, Kramarsic Law, LLC has successfully represented thousands of clients throughout Northern Illinois.

We are a high-stakes personal injury and criminal defense law office located in LaSalle County and licensed throughout the entire State of Illinois; we are ready, willing, and able to help you. 

At Kramarsic Law, our approach to injury law is different and proven highly successful.  We are able to provide our clients with a local and trusted lawyer with the backing of large Chicago law firms that handle your specific type of case.  We bring in the best team of lawyers from all different  parts of Illinois, specifically tailored to your situation, to work with our team - at ZERO additional cost to you.  There is ZERO COST for a consultation, and you don't pay anything until you are compensated for your injury.  We find the best of the best lawyers that deal with your specific situation and bring them in as part of our team.  You can always be confident that you have the best possible legal team in your corner, at every single stage.

When you need a lawyer in LaSalle, Lawyer in Peru, Lawyer in Ottawa, or anywhere we practice make us your first call and contact us today at no cost - we want to talk to you

The Injury and Defense law we do:

Injury Law

back injury

Your local connection to Illinois' top personal injury lawyers. If you've been hurt, make us your first call.  We will get you the assistance you need. We will be with you every step of the way.

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Criminal Law


Top-notch local and respected criminal defense; felony, misdemeanor, DUI, or traffic; nothing too big, nothing too small. 

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Car Accidents


We will get you the money you deserve if you or a family member have been hurt or killed by the carelessness of another. We will be by your side the entire way. 

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Also available for:

Real Estate

Personal Injury

Medical Malpractice

Doctor sue hospital money lawyer

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Feel free to set up an appointment. We will meet with you in LaSalle, Peru, or Ottawa. 

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Personal Injury and Crminal Defense

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When you need a lawyer in LaSalle, Lawyer in Peru, Lawyer in Ottawa, or Attorney in LaSalle, Attorney in Ottawa, Attorney in Peru, or anywhere in Illinois, call us! Car accidents, Injury lawyer, criminal defense, DUI.

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